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Counselling and Psychotherapy ‘a talking therapy’ is a journey of self discovery and personal awareness.  Through talking with a counsellor / psychotherapist you will become aware of patterns in your life that may not be serving you well.   Challenges and difficulties in life are normal from time to time.  However, they can become overwhelming, leaving one helpless and powerless which may affect all aspects of your life.  Counselling / Psychotherapy allows’ clients to explore these challenges and talk about it freely and openly in a warm, safe, non judgemental and confidential setting.

Sometimes people need to explore their present problems and find direction to move their lives in a way that will serve them well, by exploring their options to find a resolution to life’s difficulties.   Therefore it is important to find the right person to help you explore your life.  Pathway offers clients a warm, safe space to explore and work through these difficult and challenging problems.

Pathway believes the very essence of our work lies in the trusting relationship that develops, between client and therapist.  Trust, acceptance and respect needs to be felt by our clients to enable them to look at situations and difficulties in their lives which may not have been considered or faced before.  Counselling aims to build self understanding, self awareness, self acceptance, improve relationships and gain a greater sense of control over your life.   Counselling / psychotherapy here at Pathway will help the client reflect on problems and issues in their lives in order to get answers,  address your own needs, take responsibility, make decisions and work towards possible change in order to engage fully with life, reach your full potential and live a happy life.

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Adults – one to one therapy sessions

Children and Adolescents – Working one to one with children and adolescents’ by use of therapeutic play and art media.

Counselling/Psychotherapy students – working one to one in personal therapy with trainee therapists, during their core training in counselling and psychotherapy.

Couple counselling – working with couples during relationship difficulties.

Family Therapy – Group family sessions.

Services are available in the Ballyfermot and Clondalkin areas.

Our pathway therapist will work from an integrative approach to therapy.  By this we mean therapy will be delivered and tailored to meet the client’s needs taking in different models of therapy including:

Person- Centred Therapy PCT

Choice Theory /Reality Therapy CT/RT

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT

Solution Focused Therapy

Gestalt Therapy

Play Therapy / Art Therapy

Group Therapy

Anger management


Anxiety / panic attacks


Bullying, School and Exam pressures

Coping skills

Childhood issues and Trauma

Grief, Bereavement and loss

Relationship difficulties / Family Problems

Suicide and Self Harm

Sexuality Issues

Separation and Divorce

Self image problems, Eating disorders

Stress management

Parenting difficulties

Personal Development

Work related problems

And many more…

At your first visit the therapist will explain their way of working and spend some time letting you become comfortable and ready to speak about why you are coming to counselling.

Many clients find they immediately begin to talk about their difficulties and issues to the therapist and they may become emotional at that first meeting, this is ok and the therapist will provide that space for you in a non judgemental, supportive way for you to express how you feel at that time.  As all therapy is unique, as are you, all therapy experiences are also unique.  The therapist will ensure to allow you the space to feel heard and feel free to be as you are at any given time in therapy.   To ensure you feel safe and supported as you explore your difficulties and try to find a way through them.  Your therapist is here to listen and understand what it is like for you at that time.

Your therapist will ask you to outline what has brought you to therapy at this time and about the difficulties which are causing you concern.  The counsellor will give you a brief outline of how the therapy will progress; any further changes in the process of your therapy will be explained by the therapist as the process evolves.

Your confidentiality and sense of safety is very important if you are to feel comfortable in speaking about things that are important to you.  Therefore, your confidentiality is also important to us, your therapist will give you a detailed explanation of the safeguards in place to protect your privacy and make you feel safe in therapy.

The aim of therapy is to help you work through the difficult areas in your life and find new ways to help cope or work towards possible change.  Therefore, the duration of therapy is in your hands.  Sessions are 50 minutes in duration and usually once a week.  For the therapy to have an effect it will often take a minimum of 6-8 sessions, as it can take time to build the relationship between client and therapist.

Adults / Children and Adolescents – €50 per session

Couples and family therapy – €60 per session

If you need to cancel or reschedule appointments we request our clients let the therapist know with at least 24 hours notice, it is our policy to charge full price for missed or cancelled appointments with less then the required notice period as this has an impact on the counsellors availability.

One aspect to consider is the importance of ending therapy.  While you have a developed a relationship with your therapist, saying goodbye can uncover valuable insight, emotions and feelings for your life outside therapy.  We at Pathway strongly recommend clients allow adequate time in order to gain closure for themselves after their journey through therapy.

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